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yvonne léon portrait

Youngest daughter from a jewellers family, Yvonne Leon has always been surrounded by dazzling objects.

Hyper-creative, she graduates in fashion and starts her career as a style editor and fashion stylist. Attracted to curiosities since she was born, she understands very quickly that her salvation is in stones and precious things. Yvonne does only crave vintage ; through jewel boxes she found in her grandma’s attic, or the flea markets she wander around, she interprets the classics and makes them up-to-date. Her creations, at the crossroads of frenzic accumulations and mixing styles, pay tribute to the past and witness her little touch of craziness.

Her years in fashion gives her a strong taste for freedom. In jewelry design, she disrupts. Atypical ways of wearing stones, as rings for the ears or under-lobes armours, pairs not matching, always over-stated.

She has instinct ; and unconditiponal love for women of all age, enjoying more than anything else the trans-generation gap she transfigurates through top-notch pieces, halfway haute-joaillerie, halfway easy-to-pick candies to grab immoderately.

From her parisian workshop to the Saint-Germain store,

Yvonne Léon offers a fresh and alternative vision of jewelry. She respects the traditions but therefore gives herself the liberty of breaking the rules, and quickly becomes the designer that women pick when they treat themselves, for selfcare, bliss or fun. The rare, the unexpected, the precious. True mantras.